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“I came to know Vanessa Turk in San Diego and was impressed with her the moment I met her.  It’s rare to meet a young woman who easily relates to people of all ages and backgrounds with so much sincerity. Her professionalism, ambition and passion for life is contagious.  She puts her heart and soul into everything she does and everyone in her life.  Every time I’ve been in her company, I’ve left feeling happy, motivated and as if I learned something new and important about how life should be lived. Vanessa is a true gem!”

-Kelli Anderson Mulligan

San Diego, CA


“Rafael Suazo is truly a man of the highest caliber. As one of his professors and a friend for many years, I have found him to be man of high intelligence, strong moral character, a genuine and sincere interest in the welfare of others. He is a man who is decisive and commands an aura of respect within his peer network in any situation. I have watched him go above and beyond to mentor those around him and set an example of honor and integrity. There are very few men that I could recommend any stronger as an ethical and trustworthy individual.”

-Dr. Ollie McCaulley

Los Angeles, CA


“I have known Rafael & Vanessa for many years and have never doubted their integrity and willingness to go above and beyond in every aspect of both a professional and personal nature. Their energy is unsurpassed by few and even when things are not possible, I seemed to walk away in a good mood.  What I like the most is the honesty that they both believe in, even when I don’t want to hear the truth.  Thank you both for the excellent service to me and my business!”

-Greg Worth

Platinum Modular Homes & ROVAL Group

San Diego, CA


“I have had the pleasure of doing business with Vanessa Turk for 10+ years. Vanessa is the consummate professional. During my time with her, I only experienced the highest level of customer service and expertise. I’ve gotten to know Vanessa well and she has always shared with me the many and various ways that she continued to grow her business through professional education, business groups and networking. She is always extremely proactive in ways to continue to improve and learn. In addition, she has the highest level of integrity and honesty and is always willing to go the extra distance to make sure I had an excellent customer experience.”

-Cheryl Flores

San Diego, CA


“I have known Vanessa for about 5 years and know her to be a highly talented entrepreneur who ran her own business for over a decade here in San Diego. She is a detailed woman with incredible commitment to her customers. I always found Vanessa to be a highly attentive businesswoman, almost as if were her only customer, although I knew this was not the case. She returns all phone calls and emails the same day. I never felt neglected or unimportant. She is also highly personable with an engaging personality.”

-Laurie Black

San Diego, CA


“I have known Vanessa for over 10 years.  She has been a successful entrepreneur who is extremely professional and exceptional with customer service!”

-Rosemary Snow

San Diego, CA


“If you’re looking for someone with contagious passion in everything he sets his mind to, then look no further, Rafael Suazo is your guy! His positive, think outside the box approach to any challenging scenario he’s faced with puts him a cut above the rest of his competition. There are only a few people that I’ve come across in my career that would recommend more than Rafael Suazo.”

 -Ru Toyama

Private Mortgage Banker

McLean, VA

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